Built to last

The Daystar gazebo is constructed of western red cedar, noted for its beauty and lifelong durability. Our carefully handcrafted roof, wall, and floor panels are engineered to meet wind and snow-load requirements of virtually all building codes.

In addition to ensuring ease of obtaining building permits, you get the comfort of knowing that whichever Daystar gazebo you choose, it can endure the elements of weather and environment.


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The best way to see the difference between a Daystar gazebo and our competitors’ is to come take a look at one for yourself! We promise you won’t be disappointed.
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A high-quality product at an affordable price

Precision engineering of all gazebo components and features, along with large scale manufacturing capabilities enables Daystar to produce a high-quality product at an attractive price.

Our combination of unique designs, exceptional materials, quality control and fine craftsmanship results in a superior finished product.

Exceptional customer service. Pride for our product

Everything that goes into the making of our product has to pass our own personal inspections. We take part in the process from start to finish including the selection of the best lumber to the full sanding of each piece, from helping you visualize your backyard retreat through making it a reality.